The Full Service Transformation of Jet Airways

Hope they are steady on their path to turnaround!

Vishal Mehra and Co.

The transformation of Jet Airways, from a (Premium) Full Service Airline to a confused brand, and back to a Full Service Airline happened recently. The public announcement of the last bit at least. Industry watchers expected the switch after Etihad & Jet made their partnership public last year.

Jet Airways Domestic - Delhi Airport Gate Jet Konnect – Boeing 737-700 at Delhi Airport

“I give you my commitment, that by the end of the year, Jet Airways will have the best domestic full service product in the country. We will always be competitive to ensure our customers get the best value for their money,” Chairman Goyal had thundered. He had even welcomed Vistara, saying it will make “us stronger”.

It is a different matter that Vistara’s AOP certificate is still stuck at DGCA.

For long time Indian air passengers (and the impassioned frequent flyers over at FlyerTalk), Jet Airways was like one of their own…

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Spicejet doing free marketing for others?

Spicejet Airlines again came up with a super sale today saying don’t miss out this one. I have noticed over the period in the past few months that the their sale fares are never available. They do announce the lower slab but I never find them on my sectors. They are always sold out. I mean when you announce a sale, please have an inventory ready up so that you don’t disappoint your fliers.

Most of the time I have seen that the moment SpiceJet announces a sale, their competitors follow and offer even lower fares. Surprisingly, the full service carriers are offering matchables low fares. In such a scenario, why would you even choose to fly a low cost? Indirectly by doing this, Spicejet is doing a free marketing for other carriers. When you tend to get disappointed from one, you tend to look out for others and when they fulfil your demand without any effort, it’s a win-win for them and the customers.  Customers really don’t mind paying extra from between 500 to 1000 if they get a full service carrier option when compared to a low cost.

For what I think, Coming up Super sales are great for customers but SpiceJet really needs to strap in lot of other ancillary stuff to the fight the low fares offered not only by the low cost carriers like indiGo, GoAir and the new player Air Asia but also from the full service carrier like that of Jet Airways & Air India.

Please let me know your views on this Indian Airfare fight,


OLA Money Diwali Offer

Hope most you have made use of the referral programme when OLA Cabs used to give out Rs. 300 as OLA Money as referrals from your friends. I made a pretty good use of the offer and raked in almost Rs. 4K as referral benefits. I’m still enjoying those benefits and feel like a king travelling free in an air-conditioned ride across the very HOT Delhi NCR for free.

2 months ago it was 300 and now they have reduced the referrals to 100 which still is decent when compared to the competitors.

For all the OLA users in the 10 indian cities that they are operational, Here is some good news for you guys. These guys have come up with a special diwali offer. The referral programme is great but this is even better. For the regular cab users, this would be a steal.


“This Diwali, Ola is offering 100% cash back on first time recharges on Ola wallets between 30th Sept 2014 and 31st October 2014. You can recharge for any amount between Rs. 300 and Rs. 5000 to avail this offer. This means that if you top-up your Ola Money wallet with Rs. 1000, we will add another Rs. 1000 to your account. This is a total credit of Rs. 2000! That’s a cracker of an offer for you”.

For terms and conditions, Please refer the website Link

Ps: For those who are still new into this game, you can very well use my referral code “K75KDP” and avail a Rs.100 discount on your 1st OLA ride.


Love, Shreyansh.


OLA Cabs giving Rs. 200 off on your 1st OLA ride!

Delhi’s best rated taxi service is now giving out Rs. 200 off on your first OLA ride. I have been using their services for quite a while now that my parents are in town and trust me, they have always impressed me with a smooth ride except for one when the car broke down in the middle of the journey. Well, that can happen to any car inluding your own personal car. But, We got lucky when the car got its life back after a 30 mins halt.

Nevertheless, the message to be conveyed here is that I’m giving you all a Rs. 200 off on your first OLA ride.

How can it Happen?

1. Just download the app from the iOS, Android or Windows App Store and install the application.
2. Get Started with the sign Up form and fill in the required details.
3. Enter “K75KDP” in the referral code and and sign in. Voila!

You’ll soon recieve a text from OLA with a recharge code that you need to recharge in your OLA account through the app. It’s pretty simple when you mess around with the app for 2 minutes.

Book your travel and thank me later when you get a ride that might impress you on the travel as well as on the bill.

Ps: I’m not any ambassdor or any promoter with that of OLA.

For any more details, you can get details from their Website –

Love, Shreyansh.

Top 10 Movies for AvGeeks!

If planes racing, pilots, mid air plots,  etc gives you the adrenaline rush, then You’re an AvGeek and must have watched all these AvGeek Movies.

In this post, We shall take you through our Top 10 movies for AvGeeks that must have left you wanting for more or will leave you wanting for more once you watch it if you haven’t.

The list and the ranking is the sole compilation of The Aviator’s Symphony. We are generous and have taken extra pain to provide you the links to the torrents too. But download if you are against Piracy.

Here are the Top 10 according to us. Let us know if you think otherwise.

10. Executive Decision(1996)

Executive Decison


Torrent Link:

9.  Non-Stop(2014)



Torrent Link:

8. Catch Me If You Can(2002)

Catch Me If you Can


Torrent Link:

7.  Planes(2013)



Torrent Link:

6. The Aviator(2004)

The Aviator


Torrent link:

 5.  Flight(2012)




Torrent Link:

4.  Pushing Tin(1999)

Pushing Tin


Torrent Link:

3. Air Force One(1997)

Air Force One


Torrent Link:

2.  Up In The Air(2009)

Up In The Air


Torrent Link:

And the movie securing the No. 1 Spot is

1. Top Gun(1986)

Top Gun


Torrent Link:

Hope you agree with the compilation. Let us know if you could brighten us. Please let us know if we have missed any by answering in the polls. Cheers.

Arun Bhatia Mix Up

The Aviator’s Symphony(TAS) is really sorry to have made this mistake in its 1st edition of the Can You Roger That Quiz. It was brought to our notice that we had mixed the picture of Arun Bhatia with that of the former Municipal commissioner of Pune who also happens to share the same name.


The man on the left in the picture above with the red background is Arun Bhatia, Former Municipal Commissioner of Pune while one on the right is the Arun Bhatia who is the Delhi based businessman who owns the 21% share in the Air Asia India venture along with Air Asia & Tata’s.

We are really thankful to Mr. Prathamesh kini for pointing out our mix up. We are again sorry to all the quiz participants for the mistake made. We shall verify our sources well next time.
Cheers again!

Can You Roger That Quiz Edition 1 Winners

Can You Roger That was conceptualised by The Aviator’s Symphony(TAS) with the aim of connecting with the AvGeeks throughout the country. It just did that. The Quiz saw some brilliant AvGeeks turning up for the 1st edition, giving it the much-needed kickstart.

The Quiz which was initially planned for 40 minutes had to be extended by an hour owing to the increasing difficulty of the questions.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the winner of our 1st edition of Can You Roger That exclusive online Aviation Quiz for the AvGeeks.

Winner: Prithvi Bharadwaj a.k.a Ghost Pilot


Only one could eventually triumph but the performance of another AvGeek couldn’t have gone unnoticed.

Special appreciation: Dipalay Dey

We really appreciate the performance of the other participants who took the pain to perform. Though it was not your day, you make us value our efforts to achieve greater heights. We have many more editions coming up in the future for you to perform. We hope you enjoyed this edition and look forward to the future editions.

Congratulations AvGeeks. Cheers!


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